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Graffiti Kings NFT Artist Coming to SYNC Network

The SYNC team is requesting your presence! We will be hosting our first of MANY Decentraland events on Thursday, April 15th at 10PM UTC. The party is being hosted in the Tominoya Casino.

To celebrate this night, we will be gifting CryptoBond prizes throughout the event totaling $2500. The “main event” will be an auction featuring a Limited Edition CryptoBond with Artwork from the World-Famous Graffiti Kings ( ). To kick off the event, we’ll have five Darren Cullen Limited Edition CryptoBonds up for auction. The auction starts right at the onset of the event at 10PM UTC…

The SYNC team is coming in hot with another partnership announcement. As previously only mentioned in a recent AMA, SYNC is partnering up with AMPnet (AAPX). SYNC has just whitelisted the AAPX liquidity pair on Uniswap, and it’s featuring brand new artwork. The collaboration between these two projects presents an excellent opportunity for yield farming. AMPNet is amping😁 things up with an additional bonus token program for people who create AAPX CryptoBonds!

With the partnership comes a recently developed incentive to reward SYNC and AAPX users alike. CryptoBonds created for the AAPX-ETH Uniswap Liquidity Pool will get bonus AAPX tokens…

More and more users join the SYNC Network and become Syncronauts, and so is our team growing. With our most recent team members Crypto Keeper and Unchained Ninja, we’ve gained a lot of power and can move on faster and more focused.

As the community demanded it, we’ve decided to add a team section and disclose the members. We did it in a way that we’ll keep our privacy protected while you’ll get to know more about all the involved people.

But we didn’t stop here. We’re actively revising our website and improving by focusing on the essential parts first…

NFTs are exploding, and the digital art scene is growing at breakneck speed. We are proud to be at the forefront of this movement. With that said, two new artists are going to be making Limited Edition CryptoBond artwork. These works of art will only be available one time during our second ever Decentraland Games NFT Exposition being hosted in the Chateau Satoshi Casino.

Link to live event: Chateau Satoshi Casino

Firstly we introduce Alexandra Rubio Art. When you view her works, she will instantly transport you into another land. These interpretations of stunning landscapes leave nothing to be desired…

Through unwavering dedication, SYNC is rapidly developing its DeFi platform. Today, we are honored to announce our partnership with Graffiti Kings.

Graffiti Kings is a syndicate of graffiti artists, street artists, producers, makers of any form of art. Frequently posting on their social networks which reach over 12 million followers monthly. Furthermore, its urban space displays acquire an average of 5 million-plus each month.

We look forward to the network effect this partnership will forge. With plans to offer a series of Limited-Edition CryptoBonds, these auctions will be limited to sets of five for each piece. …

Limited Edition CryptoBonds

We are pleased to announce that SYNC is expanding! Today we introduce the brand new Limited Edition CryptoBonds, which will help to further establish our concept of financially-backed NFTs with passionately curated artwork . To kick things off we will be announcing our first Limited Edition auction!

What is a Limited Edition CryptoBond?

  • Ultra-Rare CryptoBonds to be auctioned on Rarible
  • First animated CryptoBonds
  • All original art designed specifically for the CryptoBond
  • Increased CryptoBond liquidity and Tradability
  • Artist inspired designs
  • The most desirable CryptoBond classification
  • Various artists — we have artists with over 2 million followers ready to…

World’s First NFT CryptoBond Comes of Age

Hello SYNCronauts,

SYNC is proud to announce that our first CryptoBond has finally reached maturity! March 2nd marked a significant day for the protocol and SYNCronaut community at large and the very beginning of the first SYNC CryptoBond unlocking. This significant moment in our platform’s history has entered into a new era — price discovery and finding the real market value of CryptoBond NFTs.

And let me tell you, the results are pretty great!

March 2nd, 2021, is the beginning, and the end, of the first CryptoBond ever minted on the SYNC Network! …

Introducing SYNC Network’s Newest Rare Bond Artwork

As more people discover that Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are more than artwork on a blockchain, i.e., Logan Paul selling Pokémon-style holographic NFTs, and Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park selling a song via NFT, rarity and capital investments are also growing quickly in the DeFi space, and even more so on the SYNC Network.

SYNC Network is proud to announce our newest CryptoBonds with even more rare NFT artwork! Our new bonds will feature the new commissioned artwork and share the same rarity components as our Dextools bonds, but instead will offer up millions more versions than ever before.

Our new…

Dextools CryptoBond Rarity Guide
Dextools CryptoBond Rarity Guide

We’re often asked, “How do I value my CryptoBond?” While you can’t set an exact price for a CryptoBond— they are collectibles, after all — some things make one CryptoBond more sought-after than another.

So what do experienced Syncronauts look for?
There are three primary things to consider in a CryptoBond:

#1 Rarity
#2 Maturity
#3 Appearance.

#1 Rarity

Some CryptoBonds have set limits or caps that will preserve their scarcity over time; they were available only for short runs during a promotional period. Others are rare because they are difficult to create. …

SYNC Network is pleased to announce the New Community Governance System. This is a huge leap for SYNC and the community. Through governance all SYNC token holders will be able to make proposals. CryptoBond holders are the voting class where they receive one vote per CryptoBond. In order for a community vote to pass, a minimum of 20% of total CryptoBond holders are needed by the time deadline to pass a proposal. From there the proposal gets vetted by the CORE team, and the proposal gets passed to a second voting round after being reviewed. If the proposal is…

Cryptogenik | SYNC Network

CryptoBonds NFT will change the Defi Narrative away from yield farming.

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